WArehousing & Fulfillment

Everything has its place

We deliver on time due to the organization and innovation at our various storage facilities.

To succeed in today’s global competitive market, it is essential for your business to be supported by a reliable distribution and warehousing facilities. With a choice of storage facilities from 150 to 10 000 Sq Mt coupled with an innovative stock control system, we can provide you with trusted and cost effective storage solution tailored to your needs.

Our strategically located warehousing solutions, can accommodate more than 6000 standard pallets of stock and the company has access to both larger and smaller facilities dependent upon the client’s requirements.

Combining this with our expensive global network allows us to fully support your in Kingdom Warehousing requirements and also assist in the movements of goods from origin if necessary.


Tawasul Logistics has developed a single cost-effective solution for your data, print, mailing, fulfilment and contact center needs. We provide a wide range of mailing fulfilment services giving our clients several options, whether it is a low run fulfilment or a high volume automated fulfilment. The mailings we fulfil vary significantly from simple mass mailings to complex database driven campaigns. From initially printing the materials all the way to mailing the final items. Some clients just ask for one service, but we have many that utilize our expertise across the full range of services we offer. Our experienced account management team can help you every step of the way. Many of our clients have come to us because they are frustrated with managing a large supply chain. It’s our job to take the hassle out of the full process. Where machines can’t finish or manage the job, our team of experience bench workers can.


Your success is our success